20 Questions About France

Questions About France

Answer these random questions about the country of France.

What is the name of the French president elected in 2012?

Who wrote “Les Miserables”?

In what year did the French Revolution start?

What is the biggest museum in Paris?

What is the word for “restaurant” in French?

What gigantic palace did Louis XIV construct near Paris?

What is the longest river in France (1012km)?

What is the name of the fast train linking Paris to London?

What American monument was designed by the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi and the engineer Gustave Eiffel?

What Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian group was founded by French doctors in 1971?

What non-European country shares France’s longest border (730km)?

What country shares France’s shortest border (4,4km)?

Who was the first king of France (481-511)?

What is the highest mountain of France (4810m)?




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