List of wikis for children

This page provides a list of wikis in the world that have a relation to children. These are actual wikis. Another list, Childrens’ Wikipedia, deals with previous attempts to create a new Wikimedia wiki. A Wikimedia wiki (or WMF wiki, or Sister project of Wikipedia) would try to adopt wikis that already exist. ‘Wikikids’ was the working title for one of these attempts, but this is also the name of an existing wiki in the Netherlands.

Please have in mind that a wiki for children can look very differently and have very different goals. There are mainly two types. Content oriented wikis want to create good content that can serve as an encyclopedia. Education oriented wikis are learning platforms; here the experience of the (young) contributor is most important. Some wikis try a mix of both concepts.

Vikidia (French, other languages)

Vikidia (License: same as Wikipedia, ie. GFDL + CC-BY-SA 3.0) Vikidia was primarily opened in French. Currently, 4 languages version exist, thought of very unequal development : french, spanish, italian and russian. It was opened by a french Wikipedia user (Astirmays) and is now own by an association (under French law) of which Wikimédia France is a member. Its concept, purpose and functioning are the ones that are proposed for the WMF wiki Wikikids.

  • Icons-flag-fr.png Vikidia in french was started in November 2006. It has a quite a lively and active community of users, it weighs today about 1 % of Wikipedia in French, in number of articles, activity and traffic : 13900 articles on march 2013. Registration is not required. Its activity was quite steady since the beginning, with about 2200 articles a year. Its traffic has increased by more that 50% a year these last 3 years. It reach now about 500.000 unique visitors a month.
  • Icons-flag-es.png Vikidia in spanish, started in May 2008, 3380 articles on january 2014. Registration is not required. Vikidia in spanish have had some well committed users, which explain its development. However, it didn’t reach to a stable community and experience some inactivity periods. Surprisingly Vikidia in spanish, despite having no more real community, has shown the number of unique visitors jump from 25.327 to 80.417 unique visitors a month in one year, that is a 217,51 % progression… This wiki need to be promoted and relaunched, while taking advantage of the work already done.
  • Icons-flag-it.png Vikidia in italian, started in December 2011, 152 articles on march 2013. Registration is not required.
  • Icons-flag-ru.png Vikidia in russian, started in 2012. Registration is not required.
  • Icons-flag-uk.png Vikidia in English was launched in February 2014, see Vikidia in English opens today, let’s build a children wiki encyclopedia!

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